These Unown will be appearing in the Pokemon Go Event!

Fans have been in search for the games unown Pokemon since they’ve been released. These Unown have played a small part in generation 2’s video games and movies that came out while we were children. It’s speculated that there are a limited amount of unown in at the event currently, and that the unown lurking around the event as of now spell out CHICAGO.

Some fans have claimed to have caught the unown standing for ‘b’ and ‘w’ though it seems unlikely after the source revealed that the only unowns that are out at the festival currently spell CHICAGO. The way that things are going now with the unown, we are certain that the ‘!’ and ‘?’ Unown will be the rarest among them all as they were added at a later date and did not appear in Generation 2. Though these unown did not appear in the second generation, they did release in generation 3 which means the addition of gen 3 Pokemon will bring 2 new unown to the game.

Now we’ve collected some images showing what these Unown look like so you all can get familiar with them.









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