This Bug Will Get You Soft Banned and Reset Your Walked Distance

Pokemon Go Fest is just 2 days away, everyone is waiting for Legendary Pokemon and yesterday Pokemon Go was updated to 0.69.0 for Android and 1.39.0 for iOS. Many new features are coming, in the datamine we even found out that Legendaries are coming as well, at Gofest or soon after GOfest.

New update didn’t only bring new features and good news, but it also brought new bugs, the bug we are going to be talking about today is indeed very serious.

This  serious bug is going around for quite a while, after the latest update it got worse. There’s a chance for you to get soft banned and if it’s repeated you can get permanent ban as well.

PokemonGo: New Updated Egg Pool

This bug seems to be affecting Eggs and Buddy, and it’s very serious as it resets the distances you have walked.

Warning: Egg and Buddy Bug Will Reset Your Walked Distance

One of the reddit user reported that he tried to catch two Pidgey, a Sentret and a Spinarak but they all fled, right after he had fed his Pokémon in far off gyms, another possibility for this ban could also been triggered by viewing a remote raid at a Gym, because trainer’s Pokemon was located in that Gym.

Two weeks ago, another trainer also reported, something like this, but this one turns out to be even worse. So what happens in this bug is, you lose egg distance. It’s already very hard hatching eggs, because of speed limit and not all distance is counted.

According the trainer, he fed Berry to a Pokemon in Gym and spun the photo disc in Gym, it reset his distances in egg, now imagine all the hard work you put into hatching the egg and it’ll just rest because of a bug.

This bug also affects Buddy Pokemon, it will also reset the distance for Buddy Pokemon, so next time you think distance is not increasing, it’s because of this bug.

This is very annoying you will of course want to interact with Gyms, feeding the friendly ones and spinning all the Gym Stop/Gym Photo discs, the cost of doing this is very high, you pay the price by decreasing the distance walked for Egg. In big cities with high gym density you will literally gain no distance at all on Buddy and Eggs because of this.

This issue needs to be addressed immediately, it’s unacceptable as seeing your hard work wasted like this.



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