This date marks the first anniversary of the First Nest Migration in Pokemon GO

July 29th 2017 marks the first nest migration that made it’s way into Pokemon GO. During this time some of the top Pokemon hunted were Dragonite and Snorlax, some places were actually lucky enough to have a spawn for both of these Pokemon that would eventually change into something else when the nest migration came along. Nest Migrations brought tons of Youtubers to parks in search of rare Pokemon which eventually brought crowds of trainers in search for them.

Niantic decided to add nests to Pokemon Go in order to increase the variety of Pokemon each trainer had access to around the world, especially in rural areas. Rural areas were paid very close attention as it consistently needed tweaks for spawns and such for players to even have a fair chance at the game with the already lack of gyms, stops and Pokemon.

Nest Migration gave these rural players a better chance at filling their Pokedex and conquering those gyms they had to travel to. Though traveling may not seem so harsh as Pokemon is an adventure game, players do deserve to have a few gyms and stops around their neighborhood. Pokemon Go seems to fit the category for an everyone game which will most likely improve over the next few years with updates.



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