Pikachu is obviously the Mascot of the Pokémon franchise, so it seems right to assume that he’s the most popular creature out of the 802 that their currently are, right? Well, it actually depends on where you live. At least that’s what data from decluttr says: The site has published a map of America that shows which Pokémon each state “wants” the most.

How can they be right? Well it’s very possible they are wrong, though it is very possible for this map to be correct as tons of players are in search for certain Pokemon that are not available where they are.  this data is tied to Pokémon Go.

The game is currently celebrating its one year anniversary (by letting players catch Ash’s Pikachu), so decluttr decided to see which Pokémon players were Googling the most.

They “paired up phrases like ‘Where is…’ and ‘How to find…’ with all the Pokémon in the game” to determine which ones players are looking for the most. So perhaps this isn’t a true measure of popularity, but a combination of that factor and which Pokémon players are most in need of or just simply want in the game as you can see with the Legendary Pokemon on the map.

Pikachu took the top spot in six states, while Eevee is the top choice for four states. The site made a similar map last year, back when Pokémon Go only included first-generation Pokémon. Now with new Pokemon added from the second generation, Umbreon is the most sought after from the second generation in three states which is surprising.



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