This Team Will Be Getting Their Legendary Pokemon First

Pokemon Go announced earlier that Pokemon GO Fest attendees will be getting a free Legendary Pokemon and the Legendary Pokemon’s name is Lugia, but what about the Legendary Birds of Mystic, Valor and Instinct? Hold your breathe.

ARTICUNO: The first of the three legendary bird Pokémon, Articuno caused a stir last year when a player claimed to have caught one. Niantic later copped to this and other rare monsters appearing in some trainers’ games by mistake.

ZAPDOS: Zapdos is second of the legendary bird trio. It’s an intimidating electric-type, as its brief appearance in the Pokémon Go legendaries trailer suggests. This was the first egg that hatches in the trailer.

MOLTRES: We like Moltres the best of the three legendary birds. We admit to being biased: Fire Pokémon are the best, subjectively and may be objective, too.

Team Mystic made the biggest contribution to the mystery challenge. Valor came in second, and Instinct finished third. Therefore the first Legendary bird will be Team Mystic’s Articuno.

Congratulations Team Mystic on unlocking your legendary bird first!



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