Tomorrow’s Pokemon Announcement Will Probably Disappoint You

The Pokemon Company, specifically its Japanese YouTube channel, released a super mysterious and very strange teaser last week. You can see the slightly creepy, X-Files-type video below, which teases a reveal to come July 19.

A New Pokemon game is always fun, though it’s not the Pokemon game we’re looking forward too.

Fans have speculated that these three games below could be what’s announced, though we’re positive that neither of these games will be making an appearance for awhile.

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1. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

We’re due for another Pokemon Mystery Dungeon soon, as the last one was released back in 2015. This one actually may be probable.

2. Detective Pikachu

This cheeky spin-off still hasn’t made it stateside.

3. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes

The fourth generation is next in line for remakes, and some of the footage is from Pokemon Platinum.

The Japanese Pokemon website also made a creepy mystery page for this announcement that you can check out by clicking here

Many fans have been craving a bunch of different types of Pokemon games since the release of Pokemon GO, sparking a redemption of nostalgic seeking Pokemon fans that have played the game since childhood. I’d actually be surprised if the Pokemon company lived up to the fans expectations with a mutli-regional Pokemon game that allowed us to discover more than two regions in a game.




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