Two Pokémon From Gen 3 That Will Surpass Tyranitar & Dragonite

Hey guys. The release of Gen 3 is almost upon us. Every generation till now has had certain Pokémon, which are almost legendary level. They’re also known as pseudo-legendaries. In the Gen 1, there was Dragonite.
These are Dragonite’s Base stats—
Attack- 263
Defense- 201
Stamina- 182
Max CP—
Level 20-2,046
Level 30-3,070
Level 40 (max level)- 3,581
In the Gen 2, there was Tyranitar. He overtook from Dragonite where he had left off.
These are Tyranitar’s stats—
Attack- 251
Defense- 212
Stamina- 200
Max CP—
Level 20- 2,097
Level 30- 3,146
Level 39- 3,617
In Gen 3, there is not one but TWO pseudo legendary Pokémon. The first one is Bagon, which evolves into Salamence. Salamence is a Dragon/Flying-type.

The other one is Beldum who evolves into Metagross, a Steel/Psychic-type.

The base stat total of all the four mentioned Pokémon is the same.
The Gen 3 will bring some of the most powerful Pokémon that we have witnessed yet. It is certainly worth waiting and when they do come, you better catch them all!



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