Unown Event Is Going On Right Now In A Certain Place

While many trainers were hoping the extremely rare Pokemon Unown would be part of the Halloween event. The event has been going on for almost 3 days now and it doesn’t seem like Unown has had an increased spawn anywhere. Well, except the area that is hosting an Unown event.

If you just so happen to be at Twitchcon, than you more than likely have already caught yourself an Unown. If you aren’t then you won’t be able to get your hands on one of these Pokemon. Luckily, you don’t need to have a ticket to get an Unown.

This event is not like the Pokemon GO fest, where only scanned trainers were able to get the event Pokemon. During the first day of the Unown event, all of the Unown turned into ghost type Pokemon. Though, was fixed later on if you happen to be someone who was told this event was a hoax.

If you live in the area or are nearby, it would definitely be a trip worth making. This Pokemon is really hard to find without the help of some kind of event. Hopefully, Niantic will, later on, make Unown a little easier to spot after the Twitchcon even ends.

It would just be interesting to see the Unown spell out the letters of Halloween. Just like the spelled Chicago during Pokemon GO fest. For Twitchcon, they are being found in the letters of Twitchcon.

If you wish to power a strong Unown up, well now is your chance to collect a ton of candies because of the double candy bonus. It’s not recommended to use a Pinap berry on Unown, though, mostly because it’s not a suggested fighter.

If you don’t know where Twitchcon is located. Twitchcon is taking place at Long Beach in Southern California. It’s not certain why this event wasn’t announced. Surely, if people knew about the event ahead of time. They might have been able to attend Twitchcon. This would have allowed for more income during Twitchcon.

On the side note. It is kind of nice to see events being held for Unown. However, it would be a little more interesting to see more random events like this that just pop up out of nowhere. It would give trainers a bit more of a sense of searching, kind of like how we are supposed to search for Pokemon in the game. We can search for clues and events in real life.




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