Upcoming Golden Nanab and Pinap Berries

The long awaited Pokemon Go Update is finally here. Pokemon GO is being updated to 0.67.1 for android and 1.37.1 for iOS devices.In the new update Gym features are updated to the new motivation system, Gym badges feature is added as well.Also while data mining New pair of discoveries set for future updates could bring major changes to the way berries work. Golden Nanab and Golden Pinap berries were found in the code base .While data mining turned up a lot of information about changes coming to Pokemon GO, these two new items could have a big effect.

Pinap Berries currently give double candy for catching a Pokemon, so speculation suggests that the multiplier could increase for a Golden Pinap Berry, possibly up to a four times bonus. These berries may provide a massive number of candies to players the get these berries. These have the potential to be a popular addition to the game.

So, what could Golden Nanab Berries do? Currently these berries make Pokemon easier to catch. Speculation suggests that they could wind up being useful if they prevent Pokemon from fleeing entirely. Also, they could be good fodder for feeding to Pokemon at Gyms.

These are in addition to the recently added Golden Razz Berries. These berries, which Raid Bosses drop, can be used to greatly increase the odds that Pokemon is caught. Additionally, they provide a large boost to motivation to Pokemon at Gyms. But how the Golden berry effect will enhance Pinap and Nanab Berries is a mystery.

These berries may not come any time soon. For now, there are no icons in the game for these new items, so a new update will have to release for these items to be available to players. But for Pokemon GO players, these threaten to change the game’s meta, particularly with the method to earn these berries and when they drop.

Pokemon GO data miners found a ton of interesting new things in the Android 0.67.1 update, though at this point it may take a new app release for new details to come forth about these berries and other future additions to the game.What are your thoughts about this amazing update ?



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