Weakest To Strongest Legendary Pokemon In Pokemon GO

Legendaries, while they are still new, which one is the strongest of them all? Right now the strongest legendary that has been released would be Lugia, but there are still more legendary Pokemon to be released. Along with more generations of Pokemon, each generation having at least 3 more legendaries to add to the game.

Though, we will be looking at the first and second generation Pokemon as of right now. Mostly because the stats for the other legendaries are only theorized and can be changed at any moment.

For the legendary Pokemon in the game at the moment, Lugia has a max CP of 3598 while Articuno only has a max CP of 2933, less than that of the top normal Pokemon in the game at the moment.


Here is a complete list of the legendary Pokemon that will shortly be released in Pokemon GO from weakest to strongest. Though, when Zapdos comes out. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to catch as many of them as you can because it’s the strongest bird of the trio and it’s an electric type making it a good Vaporeon and Gyarados counter.


Suicune Pokemon Go

Max CP: 2823
Attack: 180
Defense: 235
Stamina: 200


Pokemon Go Articuno

Max CP: 2933
Attack: 192
Defense: 249
Stamina: 180


Pokemon Go Mew

Max CP: 3083
Attack: 210
Defense: 209
Stamina: 200


Pokemon Go Moltres

Max CP: 3272
Attack: 251
Defense: 184
Stamina: 180


Pokemon Go Zapdos

Max CP: 3330
Attack: 253
Defense: 188
Stamina: 180


Raikou Pokemon Go

Max CP: 3349
Attack: 241
Defense: 210
Stamina: 180


Entei Pokemon Go

Max CP: 3412
Attack: 235
Defense: 180
Stamina: 230


Lugia Pokemon Go

Max CP: 3598
Attack: 193
Defense: 323
Stamina: 212


Ho-Oh Pokemon Go

Max CP: 4650
Attack: 263
Defense: 301
Stamina: 212


Pokemon Go Mewtwo

Max CP: 4760
Attack: 330
Defense: 200
Stamina: 212



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