Where We Expect Pokemon GO To Be In 2 Years!

With legendary raids, new gym features and the reconstruction of multiple features since the release of Pokemon GO, we expect the game to be in tip top shape within two years time.

Legendary raids seems to be making it’s way into the game within the next week or so, though it’s not confirmed this feature has been datamined and has had all needed features implemented to release it fully. The game has also released world wide festivals for the game which bring together many players and opportunities for the future.’

Some of the top things we believe Pokemon GO will have in 2 years time are:

  • Updated Legendary Pokemon
  • Battling
  • Trading
  • Invitational PvP Tournaments
  • Up to 5 Generations of Pokemon
  • NPCs to battle
  • Custom Gym Badges
  • More trainer/pokemon accessories
  • Larger festivals
  • Large Variety of Shiny Pokemon

All of these things discussed above seem to be likely to come to the game, especially the invintational PvP tournaments as the community has already started Pokemon GO festivals. Niantic could easily implement a tournament that rewards the winner with a cash prize and exclusive shiny pokemon or something nice.

Battling and Trading have already been discussed by Niantic on multiple occasions and they do agree that these are two important aspects in every Pokemon game. I believe they’ve also began to realize how important gym badges were to the series which made them add them to the new feature, I expect these gym badges to be changed a bunch of times before they’re complete.

Trainer accessories is something that has been requested since the release of the game, which most players are unhappy about how they cannot personalize their character. NPC’s being added to the game seems likely as it could be a small feature to keep fans happy when there aren’t any gyms around to battle. With every generation of Pokemon coming to the game we can expect at’least 5 to be in the game by 2 years time.



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