Will Ampharos be the hardest raid boss

With raids being released in the game as a major feature for players to use for rewards, tons of fans are speculating which Pokemon would be the ultimate raid boss. Obviously Legendary Pokemon will be the hardest if they’re added that way, though some Pokemon like Ampharos pack a punch alongside a great defensive stat.

He will be a tier 4 boss with same HP as the rest of the tier 4 pokemon, he is also electricity which is a bit harder to counter with ground type moves being completely terrible in the game as of now. He will have access to the super hard hitting volt switch fast attack, and have access to Focus Blast which will destroy ground attackers like Golem and Rhydon who are top tier ground Pokemon that would be key to defeating Ampharos.

Pokemon like Cloyster could also be a major raid boss that is nearly unbeatable due to the defensive stat, though there are ways to counter Cloyster unlike Ampharos who beats out it’s counter simply by mechanics and coding. Though obviously all games have it’s weak type, there’s no reason why ground type Pokemon should be losing to a Pokemon it counters completely, especially if it’s top tier like Rhydon.



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