Will Tyranitar Be Unseated After Gen 3?

Tyranitar is one of the strongest non-legendary Pokémon. He Is definitely one of the best Pokémon to have in your team. Tyranitar as we all know was released along with some other powerful Pokémon of the second generation. Since then he has become “the” Pokémon to have in your party.
Tyranitar is a dual dark and a rock type Pokemon and is the final evolution of Larvitar. He comes with an enormous Max CP of 3196. There are only two Pokemon which have higher stats than Tyranitar in both Gen 1 and Gen 2 and they are Mewtwo and Ho-Oh.
Tyranitar even have better stats than some of the Legendary Pokémon.

The most surprising thing is that it is stronger than the strongest Pokemon from Generation 1, which is Dragonite.

Here are the base statistics of Tyranitar: Attack: 240, Defence: 225, Stamina: 200, Max CP: 3196. With the release of Gen 3 imminent, will this beast get unseated from his status as one of the best Pokémon? For the example, you can take a look at Dragonite, it kind of suffered since Tyranitar’s release. So, will Tyranitar never get the same status after the release?

Many of the Pokémon fanatics might think that this indeed is the end of Tyanitar, however I prefer to differ.
Now, you might ask why do I think so, well I’ve got the answer for you. We can’t really deduce if Tyranitar will really unseated after the release of just Gen 3. We need to wait till the release of all 7 Gens. That’s right! All SEVEN! If we exclude the mythical and legendary Pokémon, and go with the assumption that Pokémon Go will be using the exact same methods that they are using right now, we can’t really decide the fate of Tyranitar.
As I stated earlier, Dragonite is considered to be unseated but he will have the 2nd highest CP and the 3rd highest attack of Dragon Pokemon. Dragonite will also have the Top (1st) highest CP and the 3rd highest attack of Flying Pokemon.
Now back to our buddy, Tyranitar—Tyranitar will have the Top (1st) highest CP and the 2nd highest attack of Dark Pokemon. Tyranitar will have 2nd highest CP and the 3rd highest attack of Rock Pokemon. So, it’s not a bad thing to invest your rare candies on them.



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